3 Ways To Save Money On Holiday Spending

It's that time of year again... the holiday season is upon us. 

And like it or not, with this time of year comes holiday spending.

In fact, if you've been saving throughout the year, the holiday season can be the perfect time to purchase that item you've truly been needing, at a great discount. 

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Now, by no means am I recommending that you make unnecessary purchases or act on impulse to simply grab a quick sale. 

There is definitely a a distinction between grabbing a deal on an item you need and have been saving for versus acting on impulse to snag a pretty price-tag. 

Instead, we're discussing 3 ways to save money on holiday purchases you were already planning to make.


1) Take Your Time

During the holiday season, it can be tempting to quickly purchase items before the sales run out. But the truth is, there will be endless deals across all retailers.

Embrace your inner Santa and make a list... then check it twice. Write down the items or gifts you truly need and be sure to stick to searching for these items only. 

Once you have your list ready to go, compare prices across different retailers to find the best deal.

Never feel forced to make an impulse buy simply because a sale's clock is running out. 

If you're feeling too tempted to overspend on items you don't need, make it a point to take a step back and walk away from your phone or computer. 

Take a night to sleep on it and make a fresh decision the next morning. And don't worry, even if time is "running out," there will always be another sale on that item in the coming days. 


2) Spend Smarter

While most financial advice will tell you to simply avoid holiday sales like the plague, that advice doesn't necessarily help you much for necessary items you were already planning to purchase. 

For purchasing items that you truly need, it's about spending smarter and saving harder

Ideally, the best way to spend smarter is to save for planned purchases throughout the year. Not only will this make the task less daunting, but it will also make it much more manageable

However, if you haven't been setting aside money over the course of the year to cover holiday expenses, there are still steps you can take to spend smarter during the season. 

If you truly need that new pair of shoes for work or those headphones for your daily commute, don't go into holiday debt to cover these purchases. 

Instead try some of the following ideas to come up with extra funds:

  1. Cut back on your everyday spending where you can. Simple steps such as reducing coffee trips and eating out for a few weeks can help you save extra holiday funds.
  2. Pick up a few extra hours of work every week during the holidays. This will help bump up that paycheck to cover those necessary purchases. Plus, you'll feel so much better about purchasing them because you didn't go into debt, you instead worked hard for it.
  3. Consider adding a seasonal job or side hustle to help save extra last-minute funds for holiday expenses. 

In addition, realize it's okay to not always buy the brand name. With access to so many new brands online, you can easily find an item that is just as good without the brand name price tag. 

Spending smarter and saving harder during the holidays will lead you into a happy new year, without the holiday blue's on your wallet. 


3) Maximize Cashback

Whether you need a new toaster, to replace your broken tablet, or to simply buy a new pair of work clothes, the holiday season can be the best time to find deals on items you truly need. 

If you've already done the hard work in saving the funds for these necessities, why not maximize your cashback on them?

One great way to do that is by purchasing your holiday necessities through a high-percentage cashback portal, such as the Acorns Found Money program. 

Many people know the Acorns app for it's easy-to-use investment portfolio. But they also have a very generous cashback portal where they've partnered with hundreds of major retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Macy's, Apple, Ebay, Groupon, and countless more brands. 

And while there are other cashback portals out there, the unique aspect about Acorns Found Money program is that not only do they make it easy to maximize cashback on your holiday purchases, but they also take it a step further by automatically investing that cashback for you directly back into your Acorns investment portfolio.  

Whether you've been saving for your planned holiday purchases throughout the year, have cut back on certain expenses, or have even picked up some extra work, you'll find there are several creative ways to save money on your holiday spending. 

Take your time, spend smarter, and maximize your cashback.




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