Robinhood Cash Management Account Review

Feb 20, 2020

In today's Robinhood cash management account review we're going over the Robinhood debit card and all it's features. We'll discuss the benefits of using the new Robinhood debit card with your Robinhood portfolio.

P.S., If you're new to the Robinhood app, I highly recommend you first check out my full in-depth Robinhood app review before watching today's video. 

You can watch my Robinhood free stock review in the video below or see how the app compares to today's top investing apps here.

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Robinhood Cash Management Features We'll Be Covering Today

  • Includes a Mastercard Debit Card w/ access to 75,000+ fee free ATMs
  • 1.8% APY interest on uninvested cash (variable)
  • FDIC insured account
  • Can set up direct deposit
  • Can use to pay bills and set up Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay


Robinhood Debit Card Review Video

You can watch my full Robinhood debit card review in the video below:  


Want to Learn More About The Robinhood App?

The Robinhood app offers far more than just their cash management account. It is also one of the more popular commission-free stock trading apps today. If you would like to learn more about the Robinhood app I encourage you to check out my full in-depth Robinhood app review and/or watch any of my other Robinhood app tutorial videos. 


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Final Thoughts

The ability to earn interest on your uninvested cash inside your Robinhood account is a great way to maximize the uninvested funds you have sitting on the sideline. In addtion, the cash management account also provides much quicker access to your funds with it's Robinhood debit card.

If you would like to try out the Robinhood app and start earning interest on your uninvested cash, you can join the Robinhood app here.

Or feel free to see how Robinhood compares to today's other top investing apps here.



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