Acorns vs Stash App - The Two Best Investing Apps For Beginners?

Today we are breaking down and comparing two popular investing apps, the Stash Invest app and the Acorns investing app. I’ll compare each app’s features, share my thoughts on the two, and really help you decide which is the right investing app for you.

P.S., If you're new to either the Acorns app or the Stash app, I highly recommend you first check out my full in-depth Acorns app review and/or Stash app review before watching today's tutorial. 

You can watch my Acorns vs Stash app comparison in the video below and see how it compares to today's top investing apps here.

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Our Rating

Our Rating


App Features We'll Be Comparing Today

  • Account Minimums
  • Investments
  • Automation Tools
  • Cash Back Features
  • Pricing 
  • Acorns Pros and Cons
  • Stash Pros and Cons


Stash vs Acorns Comparison Video

You can watch my full Stash vs Acorns app comparison in the video below:



Which App Is Right For You?

If you still aren't sure which of these two apps is the right investing platform for you I encourage you to check out my individual Acorns app review and/or Stash app review to learn more about how they work. 


Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, if you are a new investor, or even an experienced investor simply looking to get a lot of value out of your investment app, I feel either app is an excellent choice.

Unlike traditional investment brokerages, you can get started investing on either of these micro investing apps with as little as $5. Both provide a smooth user-friendly experience, and both offer several automation tools to help encourage positive investing habits. 

If you would like to try out either of these apps you can join the Acorns app here or the Stash app here

If you would like to see how these two apps compare to today's other top investing apps view our full list here.


I get it, I was there too. Let me help walk you through the process of getting started investing in the stock market and putting your portfolio in the best position to succeed! 👇



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