App Review - 5 Key Features For Crypto Users Beginners Guide

You're looking for a simple way to invest, trade, and earn interest on your cryptocurrency, but you don't want to sacrifice functionality or features? If you want an affordable all-in-one solution, might just be a choice for you.

Check out our review below and see how it compares to today's top crypto apps here.

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☑️ Quick Summary ☑️

- Buy and sell over 100 cryptocurrencies and 20 stable coins
- Spend your crypto with the Visa debit card
- Earn up to 12% interest on your crypto holdings
- Buy crypto with a credit card, debit card, or bank
- Earn up to 8% cashback on all your purchases with the Visa debit card

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What is is a cryptocurrency exchange and app that's been designed with everyday crypto users in mind.

With the ability to trade over 100+ coins, and support for 20+ fiat currencies, the Crypto app makes it easy to buy your favorite cryptocurrencies using your credit card, debit card, or even your bank.

But the neat thing with is that their app offers far more than your everyday cryptocurrency exchange.

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How Does It Work? is an easy-to-use app available on both iOS and Android devices, which allows you to buy, sell and trade crypto as well as earn interest on your holdings through their Earn program.

And if you're more than just an investor or a trader, and you're looking to transact with your crypto, you can easily send and receive funds instantly between users via their wallet app as well as easily spend your crypto with their metal Visa debit cards.

Available in over 30 countries, has a global reach helping to bring DeFi (or decentralized finance) to everyday users.


Cryptocurrency Selection supports over 100+ coins as well as over 20+ fiat currencies.

So whether you're looking to buy or sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, or choose from several of the other most popular cryptocurrencies, the app has got you covered.

While the actual amount of different cryptocurrencies available to you may vary from country to country, all of the most popular coins should be available to most countries.

In addition to the wide range of coins they support, also offers its own native cryptocurrency called CRO.


What is CRO Coin?

CRO coin can be used in a number of ways:

  • CRO can be used for staking to earn interest on your crypto holdings (we'll discuss that in just a bit)
  • It can be used to reserve a metal Visa card, which can earn you up to 8% cashback with each transaction on the card 
  • CRO can be used to send money to other users through their wallet app
  • It can also be used to buy e-Gift Cards through the app, earning you cashback in CRO with each purchase
  • CRO can even be traded just like every other cryptocurrency.


Navigating The App

While the app packs a lot under the hood, navigating the essential features is pretty intuitive. Right from the homepage of the app, you can track your favorite crypto, trade hundreds of coins, and transfer funds in and out of the app.

Whenever you want to buy or sell some coins simply click on the trade button and you'll be given the option to buy or sell over a hundred of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

For investing automation, the app also allows you to set up recurring buys to easily purchase crypto on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

When you're ready to deposit or withdraw funds from the app you simply click on the transfer button and you'll be given the option to transfer crypto to and from other cryptocurrency platforms and wallets. You'll also see the option to deposit and withdraw funds to and from your bank account.

At the bottom of the app, you'll find easy access to all your crypto wallets, your fiat wallet, as well as your Visa debit card.


 You can see my full app review in the video below:


Crypto Earn

Let's first talk about Crypto Earn. If you ever wanted to earn interest on your crypto holdings Crypto Earn lets you achieve just that.

This is their staking platform that lets users earn interest on their crypto holdings. Essentially, staking involves locking up your coins for a pre-determined period of time, and in exchange, you earn interest on them.

The interest rates you earn are dependent on the length of time you choose to stake your coins. Obviously, the longer term you choose to stake the higher interest rate you will earn.

You can think of Crypto Earn as similar to a savings account. You can stake your crypto and earn interest up to 12% annually on your holdings. But, you'll actually receive weekly interest payouts along the way. They also provide you with the flexibility of 3 different holdings terms to choose from:

  • Flexible (withdraw anytime)
  • 1-month
  • 3-months

You can currently stake over 30 different types of cryptocurrencies and stable coins on Crypto Earn. This includes coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, CRO, USDCoin, and many more.

When it comes to receiving your interest payments, you'll receive a weekly payout based on how much your staked coin was worth when it earned interest that week. Plus, you’ll always receive payments in the currency that you staked.

So if you staked Bitcoin you would receive your weekly interest payments in Bitcoin straight to your Bitcoin wallet. 

All in all, staking can be an easy way to earn income from your crypto holdings without having to sell them. Visa Card

The next feature we need to explore is the Visa card.

It's no secret that one of the biggest gripes with blockchain technology thus far is that many merchants both online and out in the real world don't yet accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

While I do believe we're heading that way we're definitely not there yet, and that is where the Visa card comes in.

By issuing you your own Visa debit card, allows you to load your cryptocurrencies straight onto the card whenever needed for purchasing goods, services, or simply being able to cash out at ATM machines.

Since most merchants still don't accept crypto as a form of payment, lets you top up the card with crypto right from the app. Once you load up your card, the app then converts your coins to USD (fiat).

Basically, the card gives you instant access to spending your crypto in most places where VISA is accepted.

But, the benefits of their Visa cards don't end there. offers users a wide range of card tiers to choose from, each with rising levels of rewards, including up to 8% cashback on all your purchases.

The five tiers of Visa Cards they offer include:

  • Midnight Blue
  • Ruby Steel
  • Royal Indigo & Jade Green
  • Frosted Rose Gold & Icy White
  • Obsidian

To get your hands on one of these premium metal cards you first need to stake the required number of CRO tokens for that tier.

Essentially, the more CRO you stake, the higher tier card you can apply for and the higher your reward rate will be. I've begun by staking for the Ruby Steel card, which only requires staking $400 worth of CRO.

The neat thing is, you can always start with a lower card tier and upgrade to a higher tier as time goes on. The only caveat with that is that when you choose to upgrade to a higher card tier, it resets your staking term.

Once you've staked the required amount of CRO for the pre-set amount of time, you will be eligible to receive your new Visa card. And once you've activated it, you are immediately able to enjoy up to 8% cashback on all your purchases in most places where Visa is accepted.

For example with their Ruby Steel card, for every $1 you spend on your everyday purchases, you would earn back 2 cents worth of CRO coin. And for you big-time stakers with the Obsidian card, every time you spend $1 you would receive back 8 cents worth of CRO coin.

Regardless of which card you have, whenever you make a purchase with your Crypto Visa card, the cashback you earn will always be allocated to you in the form of CRO coins and will be credited to your app instantly.

Once you've received your cashback rewards you can always swap your CRO rewards for another cryptocurrency, sell them for fiat, or you could even stake them to work towards a higher card tier and earn even more rewards.

Speaking of rewards, as you work your way up to different card tiers you'll also notice each one offers special perks, including being credited back CRO every month to fully cover your expenses of popular services such as Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more.

You can easily manage your Visa card directly via the app. This includes tracking your card spending as well as receiving your card rewards.

Overall, the Visa card might just be its best feature because it gives you more purchasing power with your crypto and the ability to earn more rewards from your crypto.


Crypto Pay

The next key feature in the app is called Crypto Pay. This is their built-in mobile payment service that lets you seamlessly pay, send, and receive crypto anytime for free.

The Crypto Pay area of the app offers four different use cases:

  • Pay Checkout
  • Pay Gift Cards
  • Pay Mobile Airtime
  • Pay Your Friends

You can think of Crypto Pay as a crypto version of Venmo, except with a few more benefits. While it can be used to send and receive funds to your friends as well as for checking out with cooperating merchants, the Pay Gift Cards feature might be the most beneficial. offers a wide range of E-gift cards on its mobile app, including hundreds of popular retail stores, restaurants, hotels, airlines, entertainment, and groceries. 

With Crypto Pay Gift Cards you can easily buy any gift card amount with cryptocurrency while also getting up to 10% cashback in CRO rewards.

Crypto Pay currently lets you purchase gift cards with CRO, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin.


Pricing and Fees

When it comes to pricing and fees offers competitive rates but the fees can vary based on whether you're buying with a credit card, debit card, or your bank account.


Buying Crypto

When paying with a credit or debit card, the fees will range from 1.49% to 3.99%, depending on your country.

For example, the fees to purchase crypto with a credit or debit card would be 2.99% for US users, 3.5% for Canadian users, and 2.99% for UK users.

On the plus side, there are no fees to buy crypto with your bank account or with funds in your fiat wallet. That's right, there are no fees from when you deposit via ACH bank transfer.

So if you want to save on fees and can afford to wait a few days for the transfer, buying crypto with your bank account might be your best bet. But it's still nice to know that you have the flexibility to always purchase with a credit or debit card as well.

Speaking of which, another nice bonus with the app is that when you first sign up, there is a promo period for first-time users where there are no fees to buy with a credit or debit card for your first 30 days.

So if you're looking to buy with a card, you definitely want to take advantage of that first 30 day period.


Selling Crypto

When it comes to selling your coins, doesn't charge a fee when trading on the app. When you place a trade on the app, they have a confirmation page where they show the rate and execution price for you to confirm -  with a 15-second window.


Withdrawing Funds

After you've sold your crypto the funds will sit in your fiat wallet on the app. From here you can use it to buy more crypto, spend on goods and services, or withdraw to your bank.

When you do want to withdraw you can withdraw fiat back to your bank account. There are no fees to withdraw USD. Exchange also offers a more advanced desktop exchange for trading crypto but it is not currently available in the US. However, it is available in Canada.


Is My Crypto Safe With

Regardless of the cryptocurrency exchange you use, it is always recommended to hold your cryptocurrency in a hardware wallet, such as the Trezor wallet, for long-term storage.

With that being said, does have several measures in place to protect your holdings. For starters, they do offer you the ability to enable 2FA authentication which you can set up with authentication apps like Authy or Google Authenticator.

And that's probably the first thing you should enable on any crypto platform you use.

But most importantly, they've also set up security measures on their end as well. For instance, has committed to storing 100% of user cryptocurrencies offline in cold storage.

If you're holding any fiat currency in your account, such as USD, CAD, or GBP, those currencies are held in regulated custodian bank accounts.

In addition, has also secured a total of $360 million USD in cold storage insurance against physical damage, destruction, and third-party theft.

It's important to note though, that all cryptocurrency exchanges, including, are not FDIC insured like a bank or SIPC insured like a stock brokerage.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are not banks or brokerages, they are their own medium which does not have a regulatory body at this time. After all, that is the goal with crypto, to be decentralized finance. 



Full-Featured App:

  • Whether you are just getting started with cryptocurrency or you're an active user of crypto already, the app offers plenty of interesting features for investors, traders, and everyday crypto users.
  • With access to 100+ cryptos, an easy-to-use mobile app, and appealing crypto reward features, you'll definitely find something here for everyone.

Integrated Visa Debit Card:

  • This is by far one of the best features of the app. The ability to instantly access your crypto anywhere Visa is accepted as well as earn significant cash back rewards makes their Visa debit card a key reason to consider this app.
  • Since most merchants still don't accept crypto as a form of payment, the debit card gives everyday crypto users more purchasing power and quicker access to their crypto when needed. 

Crypto Earn:

  • The ability to earn competitive interest rates on your crypto holdings is another great selling point for the app.
  • With the ability to stake over 30 cryptocurrencies and stable coins, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, CRO, and USDCoin, it definitely makes it simple to earn income from your crypto holdings without ever having to sell them.
  • You also have to appreciate the flexibility of being able to choose the duration of time you would like to stake your coins in order to best fit your needs. Plus you get paid your interest on a weekly basis.



Visa Card Requirements:

  • While's Visa debit card is one of their most prominent features, it does require you to stake a lot of CRO for the higher tiered cards.
  • And while those higher rewards are definitely appealing, you may not feel comfortable investing so much in a single coin. That's why I've chosen to start off by staking for the Ruby Steel card and seeing how that goes before upgrading to a higher card.
  • It gives you decent cashback, decent rewards, and just seems like a solid starting point to enter the staking ecosystem. 

Interest Rate Varies By Term:

  • While does offer competitive interest rates with its staking program, there are some caveats you need to be aware of. For instance, in order to truly get the most competitive interest rates, you need to stake your crypto for a longer duration, such as 3 months, as opposed to their 1-month or their flexible term.
  • For instance, at the current time, you'll earn a 6% annual interest rate if you choose the flexible term and a 10% annual interest rate if you choose the longer 3-month staking term.
  • And while this isn't an issue for long-term crypto hodlers, if you happen to be staking a more volatile coin, not being able to access or sell that crypto for 3 months can feel like an eternity in the crypto world. If you've ever seen your favorite coin plummeting down in price, you know what I mean. 

Coin Availability Varies By Country

  • supports over 100 cryptocurrencies but not all are available in every country.
  • Due to varying cryptocurrency regulations across different countries, you may not have access to buying and selling all of the supported cryptocurrencies.
  • In addition, if you're in the United States, some coin availability may even vary from state to state.


Who Is Ideal For?

The app can be an ideal option for:

  • Investors wanting the flexibility to buy crypto with a credit card, debit card, or bank.
  • Holders looking to earn interest on their crypto holdings
  • Consumers wanting the ability to seamlessly buy goods with their crypto through a Visa debit card
  • Users interested in maximizing crypto cashback rewards


Sign-Up Promotion

If you would like to try out the app for yourself, don't forget to claim your special sign-up bonus. Everyday Investing readers can get $25 in free crypto by joining through this link.

When you join using my special code everyday, you will get  $25 in free CRO deposited into your account when you sign-up and stake at least $400 worth of CRO for the Ruby Steel debit card.


Plus, don't forget when you first sign up, there are no fees to buy crypto with a credit or debit card for your first 30 days. So if you're looking to buy with a card, you definitely want to take advantage of that first 30 day period.


Final Thoughts

Whether you are just getting started with cryptocurrency or you're an active user of crypto already, the app offers plenty of interesting features for investors, traders, and everyday crypto users.

To get started with your $25 sign-up bonus, you can join here

Or feel free to see how compares to today's other top crypto apps here.



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