Qapital App Review: A Clever Way To Automate Saving and Investing

In this Qapital app review, we're covering the micro savings app designed to help you save and invest money with ease. Through automation and smart "rules," the Qapital app can help you build better saving habits and reach your savings goals. I’ll be covering all of Qapital's features, breaking down it's pros and cons, and discuss who I think this app is most ideal for. 

Check out our Qapital app review below and and see how it compares to today's top savings apps here.

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☑️ Quick Summary ☑️

- $0 minimum to open an account  
- Save or Invest the spare change from your everyday purchases
- Built-in automation that triggers automatic saving
- Set up multiple savings goals & investing goals
- Optional Qapital checking account with a VISA Debit card

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What Is The Qapital App?

The Qapital app is a micro savings app designed to help you save money with ease. It accomplishes this through passive saving. I like to think of the Qapital app as the all-around automatic savings account.

Available on both iOS and Android devices, the Qapital app and savings account works in synergy with your linked bank checking account to help you save towards specific goals that you have set up in the app.

Whether you want to save money for a major purchase, a much needed vacation, or simply to help you get out of debt, the Qapital app enables you to save money effortlessly through allocating small amounts of purchases and other daily activities toward savings through your Qapital account.

How Does The Qapital App Work?

The Qapital app allows you to set goals and specific rules that will “trigger” transfers from your connected bank account into your Qapital savings account, which is an FDIC-insured account held by Qapital at Wells Fargo Bank.

There are currently eight rules available to trigger saving money. Here are just three rules, for example:

  • Roundup Rule:  This rule allows you to round up your everyday purchases so you can save money automatically every time you buy something. Simply link your debit/credit cards to your account, and each time you make a purchase the amount will be rounded up, with the excess change sent to your Qapital account.

Likewise, every time you swipe your Qapital VISA debit card to make a purchase, Qapital can also round up your purchase to the nearest dollar (or the nearest $2 or $3 if you set that up) and that spare change is automatically deposited into an interest-bearing savings account inside your Qapital account.

  • Set & Forget Rule: This rule allows you to set daily, weekly or monthly transfers toward your goals. The app also lets you share your savings goals with your spouse, family, or friends to help you keep on track with your savings goals.
  • If This, Then That Savings Rule (IFTTT): This rule allows you to save with nearly any activity. For example, an automatic savings deposit can be set up for every time you do get paid or complete a personal goal. You can also connect different apps to Qapital to trigger savings. If you link Qapital to social media apps, you can save small amounts of money every time you accomplish tasks such as listening to a podcast, watching a video, etc.  

These automation tools makes saving easy. They allow you to save without having to think about it. And through saving frequently in small increments, this ensures your savings goals will eventually be reached.

In fact, one of the funner features with Qapital is actually setting up your savings goals. This gives your saving an actual purpose and clearly reminds you of your goal every time you open the app.

Qapital isn’t trying to make you sacrifice having fun. Instead, they encourage passive saving through providing its users the automation of saving towards their goals without having to think about it. As a micro savings app, Qapital emphasizes the value of saving small amounts of amounts of money through your regular everyday spending activities.

Even if you are just saving pocket change to start off with, this spare change eventually adds up, and makes it an ideal solution for short-term saving goals. But even more importantly, just setting aside a little bit of change everyday helps you get into the habit of saving, and this will pay off in the long term.



Multiple Savings Goals: One interesting thing with the Qapital app is that it lets you save towards specific goals. Rather than lumping all your savings into a single goal, you can devote money from each rule to a specific savings goals.

You can set up as many savings goals as you’d like, and each goal can have it’s own unique amount. Perhaps you want to save $300 for a new camera, or $2,000 for a vacation. Each of your rules will be assigned to a goal, or you can assign multiple goals to a single rule. In this case, the money gets divided between your different savings goals evenly.

Real-Time Transaction Alerts: The Qapital app also provides you with real-time alerts and notifications when any transactions or important actions take place with your accounts.

Once inside the app, you’ll have access to a clear dashboard that makes all your account information available to you in one place.

Account Withdrawals: You can withdraw money out of any savings goal in the app at anytime without restriction or fees. You don’t have to wait until you reach a savings goal, but obviously that is the goal here.

To withdraw you can either withdraw your funds back to your linked bank account or you can transfer the funds to your spending account inside the app and use your Qapital Visa debit card to withdraw and/or use the funds.

Overdraft Protection: One great thing with Qapital, is that in order to prevent overdraft fees from occurring in your linked checking account, Qapital pauses all transfers that will leave you with less than $100 in your linked checking account.

The transfer will remain “paused” until the balance in the checking account is large enough to cover the transfer and still leave at least $100 in the account. This pause has a 14-day window, after which the transfer will be canceled if the linked checking account never reaches enough funds.

Pricing and Fees

Qapital gives you a 30 day free trial to see if the app is right for you. If you decide to stay a member after 30 days they have three membership levels, each with a monthly fee and added perks. Here’s a breakdown of their pricing structure:

  • Basic - $3/month: For members who want to solely focus on building their savings to meet short-term goals. Qapital Basic offers unlimited Savings Goals with customizable, automated rules.
  • Complete - $6/month: For members seeking a goal-based view of their entire financial lives. Qapital Complete is an all-in-one financial solution that offers a suite of saving, spending, budgeting, and investing tools that work seamlessly together to help you find the perfect balance between spending today and planning for the future.
  • Master - $12/month: For members that want an even greater understanding of their relationship with money. Qapital Master members receive all the tools of Qapital Complete, plus exclusive webinars by Qapital experts and in-app challenges designed to bring mindfulness and meaning to financial decisions.

Account Minimum

There is no minimum balance to open up a Qapital account. Once you set up your savings goals you can start saving immediately to kickstart passive saving habits.

Qapital Checking & Savings Account

With Qapital you have the option to open a checking account with no minimum balance required. The checking account comes with a free chip-enabled VISA debit card. Qapital also allows you to save for your goals within your Qapital savings account as well.

The Qapital checking account also offers the following:

  • No minimum deposit fees
  • No overdraft fees
  • Free direct deposit
  • No negative balance fees
  • Fraud monitoring
  • Check-sending options
  • FDIC-insured (they’ve partnered with Wells Fargo)
  • No opening deposit required
  • Earn interest on your accounts

A Qapital Spending account is a checking account with one of their partner banks. This means that if you have a Spending account, you will earn interest of 0.1% (compounded monthly) on both your Qapital Goals account and Qapital Spending account.



While the Qapital app started as dedicated savings account it has also recently added the ability to open up an investing account within the same app as well.

While Qapital’s savings goals are great for short term goals, investing will allow you to save for larger long term goals. Now with Qapital Invest you can invest just as easily as you save, by setting a Goal and funding it with the same customizable, automated rules.

Qapital Invest makes it easy for new investors by taking the guesswork out of investing. Instead of having to worry about buying, selling, and managing your investments, Qapital matches you with one of their pre-built diversified portfolios based on your financial goals, time frame, and investing style (i.e., conservative, moderate, or aggressive).

Unlike larger brokerages, which charge trade commissions or a percentage of your investment balance, Qapital Invest has zero management fees. Instead, Qapital Invest is included as part of the monthly membership fee mentioned above.

Qapital Invest essentially allows you to put your investments on autopilot, as they are managed, diversified, and designed for your longer term financial goals. You can start investing with Qapital Invest with as little as $10.


Is My Money Safe With The Qapital App?

If you’re wondering if your fund are safe with Qapital, your Qapital savings account is an FDIC-insured account held by Qapital at Wells Fargo Bank. Your funds are protected by FDIC insurance through their partner bank.

Like all FDIC insured institutions, you are protected for up to $250,000 on all accounts combined. This means you are protected should Qapital or the partner bank ever go out of business.

In addition, Qapital requires account verification before any transfers are made to or from your account.



  • Firstly, Qapital makes it easy to save without thinking about it. Even if you’re just saving smaller amounts they do add up over time. They provide the tools and automation to encourage saving from your everyday activities.
  • Secondly, you can set up multiple savings goals, each with their own set of unique rules that will trigger saving towards them. Setting these up is fun and allows you to track their progress in real-time.
  • Lastly, they have an optional investing account that is very simple to use for new investors. They manage everything for you and you can even set similar rules to to your investing account so that your money can grow for your longer term goals.



  • Firstly, while Qapital is great for saving money it doesn’t allow you to make any money via dividends or capital gains. For this reason, it is much more ideal as an app for short term savings goals as well as building positive saving habits. Qapital should not be used for long-term savings. For long-term savings and investing you may want to consider the Acorns app.
  • Secondly, Qapital is only available on your smartphone at this time. You cannot access your account online form your computer or laptop.
  • Thirdly, the monthly fees on the higher tiers can be a bit steep. If you're looking for an alternative saving app that charges no monthly fee for automated saving, you may want to consider the Twine app as an alternative. 
    • On the other hand, if you’re looking to invest instead of save, you may want to consider the Acorns app instead, another popular micro investing app that also invests your spare change, has mobile checking account, and costs as little as $1 per month to use.


Sign Up Bonus

There is not currently a sign up bonus with Qaptial. If you would like to try out the Qapital app for a free 30 day trial you can join here. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, Qapital provides a great app to automate saving money towards your goals, simply by going about your everyday activities. If you’re searching for a savings app that will help you both save without thinking about it and stop you from continuing bad spending habits, Qapital might be an option worth considering.

You can try Qapital free for 30 days and see if it is right for you.

Or feel free to see how Qapital compares to today's other top savings apps here.



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