Why I Made My Investing Courses 100% Free

Hey Everyday Investors 👋

Welcome to Stock Market Foundations. You're probably wondering why this course is 100% free. Even though I put months into the writing and video editing of this course, I decided to make it free because I wanted to help as many everyday investors as possible. 

I know first-hand how personal finance and investing are not taught in our traditional education system. So I wanted to help make financial education much more accessible to everyday investors like you and me. 

If you find my courses helpful and would like to say thank you, please feel free to support my work by joining any of the recommended investment apps through my affiliate links next to each video lesson, or at (I receive a small commission from the companies at no additional cost to you).

You can also support my work by following me on my YouTube Channel.

As always, I appreciate all your support and I hope this course helps you along your investing journey.

Your friend,

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Investing For Beginners

3 VIDEOS: Discover the power of investing for creating wealth and how anyone can get started.


Stock Market Made Simple

2 VIDEOS: Learn everything you need to know about the stock market in simple terminology.


How To Start Investing

3 VIDEOS: Explore the 5 key investment assets: stocks, bonds, index funds, ETFs, and mutual funds.


Finding Stocks On Sale

2 VIDEOS: Explore the simple methods you can use to identify when quality stocks are on sale. 


Making Money In The Stock Market

2 VIDEOS: Discover the easiest ways for new investors to make money in the stock market.


Investing vs Trading

2 VIDEOS: Compare the pros and cons of investing vs trading and discover which one is right for you. 


Passive vs Dividend Investing

2 VIDEOS: Learn about the differences between passive investing and dividend investing.


Stock Picking vs Active Trading

2 VIDEOS: Explore the pros ad cons of stock picking vs active trading.


5-Step Investing App Checklist

1 VIDEO: Learn the 5 key factors your investing app must have to set you up for success.


Best Investing Apps For Beginners

1 VIDEO: Dive into the best investing apps for beginners and experienced investors alike.


Top Trading Apps For Beginners

1 VIDEO: Dive into the best trading apps for beginners and experienced traders alike.


Best Robo-Advisors

2 VIDEOS: Dive into the best robo-advisors for passive investing as well as the best hybrid investing apps.


Investing Automation Toolkit

1 VIDEO: My toolkit of investing automation tools I use to help put my investments on autopilot.


Trading on Autopilot

2 VIDEOS: My collection of simple trading automation tools that I use to help put my stock trades on autopilot.


Maximizing Tax Savings For Investors

2 VIDEOS: Learn the simple blueprint for reducing your investment taxes owed.


Tax-Advantaged Accounts

1 VIDEO: Discover the benefits of tax-advantaged accounts vs taxable brokerage accounts.


Stock Market Crash Survival Guide

1 VIDEO: Don't just survive a stock market crash, learn how to take advantage of the opportunity it can present.


Stock Market Mastery Vault

1 VIDEO: Learn how to analyze stocks through both the basics of Fundamental and Technical Analysis. 


Fundamental Analysis, Pt. 1

1 VIDEO: Learn about two of the biggest fundamental analysis tools for measuring if a stock is overvalued or undervalued.


Fundamental Analysis, Pt. 2

1 VIDEO: Discover two more fundamental analysis tools for measuring if a stock is overvalued or undervalued.


Fundamental Analysis, Pt. 3

1 VIDEO: Learn how two key dividend ratios can help you determine the stability of a company's dividend going forward.


Technical Analysis, Pt. 1

1 VIDEO: Learn how to read the 3 main types of stock charts for technical analysis. 


Technical Analysis, Pt. 2

1 VIDEO: Learn how to use trend lines and patterns to measure the direction a stock could head next.

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