Learn My Simple 7-Step Investing Framework

You work hard for your money, isn't it time your money starts working hard for you? Learn the simple investing playbook to help you go from a COMPLETE BEGINNER all the way to knowing how to create REAL WEALTH through the stock market.


Discover your ideal investing strategy, learn how to identify quality stocks, and set your investing journey up for SUCCESS!

Let Me Explain...

I've been investing in the stock market for the better part of a decade... and I can tell you that I have learned a lifetime's worth of information that I want to share with you. I have worked with many of the world's top Fintech companies, and from that, I have seen the patterns of what works and what doesn't in the stock market.

The investing space is constantly changing, and it is my job to help new investors cut through all the noise so they can SIMPLIFY INVESTING and reach their financial goals.

I have helped thousands of investors get started investing on my Everyday Investing YouTube channel and would love to help set you up for success on your investing journey.

I can tell you that there are no guarantees in life, but with some good knowledge and a solid action plan... you can increase your chances of reaching your goals through investing and in life...

So, are you ready?

Here's What's Inside:

Simple 7-Step Investing Blueprint

40 step-by-step interactive videos broken down into easy-to-follow investing modules and lessons. Perfect for beginners to investing.

Investing Automation Toolkit

My personal toolkit of investing and trading automation tools that I use to help put my investments on autopilot.

Stock Market Mastery Vault

Advanced modules focused on analyzing quality stocks to invest in through both fundamental and technical analysis.

Exclusive Bonuses This Month

This month I'm also including a ton of bonus video modules and lessons to help you along your journey. More details below.

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed With Investing?

Chances are you've been wanting to grow your money through the stock market for a while now. You know what you want to do, but you're not necessarily sure how to get there. It's a frustration lots of investors have. That is why I created Stock Market Foundations.

What If I've Never Invested Before?

Here's What You Need:

  • An easy-to-follow investing framework
  • An investment strategy
  • ​A compatible investing app
  • An action plan

Let Me Help Walk You Step-By-Step

Being able to identify and invest in quality stocks is the golden ticket to maximizing your portfolio growth. But it's still only half of the equation.

I say that because the biggest difference between creating wealth vs losing a lot of your money has almost NOTHING to do with how much money you have to start investing.

There's A Reason It's Called Stock Market 'Foundations'

Investing doesn't have to be complicated. Stock Market Foundations isn't about complex jargon or terminology. The 6-hour course is broken down into 40 easy-to-follow and interactive video lessons breaking everything down in a simple step-by-step method. And they all have one goal in mind... to help you build the foundations of long-term success in this wonderful investment vehicle called the stock market.


Don't Take My Word For It

See what my former students have to say...

Josh T.


Seattle, WA

"This is the course I wish I had in school. I like Erik's teaching style with his visuals and examples. The bonus lessons were gold. If you haven't taken foundations yet, you're missing out." - Josh T.

Amy N.


Boston, MA

"My friend recommended your course and I'm so glad she did. You make things easy to understand without complicating anything, even for a beginner like me. Thanks, Erik!" - Amy N.

Chris R.


Los Angeles, CA

"What makes Erik's course different from others is the way he simplifies things. Coming from an upbringing where we didn't learn about investing, this course was the path I needed!" - Chris R.

Think About Sustainability...

Stock Market Foundations isn't about "get-rich-quick" schemes. It's about creating an investing system that's sustainable, achievable, and rewarding. I've been through the ups and downs of the stock market and want to help you avoid the BIGGEST MISTAKES new investors often make.

Ultimately, investing in stocks isn't just about rising numbers on a screen. You are buying pieces of living and breathing companies. You must have systems in place to make sure you are able to identify quality companies at a quality price.

Erik Machuca

Hi, I'm Erik Machuca - your course instructor, personal finance YouTuber, and founder of Everyday Investing.

I look forward to seeing you inside the course!

- Erik

What Exactly IS "Stock Market Foundations?"

Stock Market Foundations is my easy-to-follow video course that walks you through step-by-step how to go from a COMPLETE BEGINNER all the way to knowing how to create real wealth through the stock market, no matter how much or how little you have to start investing.

In the course, I break down everything in a simple 7-step framework, where I teach you everything I've learned over the years about establishing your investing strategy, growing your money, identifying quality stocks to invest in, and ultimately, putting your portfolio in the best position to succeed.

The framework I teach you in Stock Market Foundations is based on the same simple strategies I followed to grow a six-figure stock portfolio in my 20's. But, you don’t have to be a stock market genius to implement the strategies I teach you in the course. I don’t believe in complex jargon. Instead, I break down investing into simple steps and strategies that anyone can follow, even if you’re a complete beginner.


Here's A Sneak Peak At What You'll Be Learning In Stock Market Foundations

Investing For Beginners

3 VIDEOS: The "jumpstart" module to help understand the power of investing for creating wealth. 

Stock Market Made Simple

2 VIDEOS: Learn everything you need to know about the stock market in simple terminology. 

How To Start Investing

5 VIDEOS: Explore the 5 key investment assets, including stocks, bonds, index funds, ETFs, and mutual funds.

Making Money In The Stock Market

4 VIDEOS: Discover the easiest ways for new investors to make money in the stock market.

4 Core Investing Strategies

5 VIDEOS: Explore the four core investing strategies and find the best strategy for your goals. 

Best Investment Platforms

5 VIDEOS: Dive into the best investing apps, trading platforms, and robo-advisors for beginners.

Investing Automation Toolkit

3 VIDEOS: My personal toolkit of investing and trading automation tools I use to help put my investments on autopilot.

Maximizing Tax Savings For Investors

3 VIDEOS: Learn the simple blueprint for greatly reducing your taxes owed from investment profit and from dividends.

Recommended Game Plan

2 VIDEOS: Helping you establish a recommended game plan and action steps to set you up for success on your investing journey.

Portfolio Risk Assessment Analyzer

Let my risk assessment analyzer measure your risk tolerance to help you discover your ideal portfolio type.

Stock Market Crash Survival Guide

Don't just survive a stock market crash, learn how to take advantage of the opportunity it can present.

Stock Market Mastery Vault

6 VIDEOS: My advanced modules for identifying quality stocks through both Fundamental and Technical Analysis. 

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So What Are You Waiting For?

There has never been a better time to start investing than now. Let me help you go further, faster in your stock market journey. This is your time, and I'd love to help guide you along the way.


Plus, This Month I'm Including The Following Bonus Modules

BONUS #1: 4-Step Checklist To Picking Quality Stocks

This is my easy to follow four-step checklist that walks you through the four key factors you need to know about in order to find quality stocks to invest in. Simply run your desired stock through this quick checklist, and if it meets all four criteria, you likely have a winner.

This checklist was inspired by the strategies of several successful investors, including Warren Buffet and many more. Over time, I found similarities in the mindsets shared by many successful investors and I wanted to break them down into a short and simple checklist that anyone can follow.

If you’re looking to build a quality portfolio of individual stocks, this checklist can help anyone get started in achieving just that.

BONUS #2: Investing On Autopilot Toolkit

This is my personal toolkit of various investing automation tools that I like to use on all my investing apps. Whether you want to invest more passively or simply automate your investing, we’ll go over the best investing automation tools that allow anyone to become a more consistent and successful investor.

In addition, we’ll also go over some of the best trading automation tools so that you can set your investing app to trade stocks for you (at your desired price points), even when you’re away from your phone. Talk about automation.

Best of all, every single one of these investing and trading automation tools is completely free, as they are already included in many of the investing apps we’ll discuss in the course.

BONUS #3: Stock Market Crash Survival Guide

If you find yourself worried about an imminent stock market crash, this guide is the perfect playbook for you. Fearing a stock market crash is never a good feeling. But what if I told you that every stock market crash can actually be a great opportunity for investors.

Not only is this guide all about helping put you in the best position to survive a stock market crash, but it’s also about putting you in the right mindset to take advantage of the opportunity that a crash can actually present.

Now don’t get me wrong, in the moment, going through a crash is never fun. But as a long-term investor, you will see that crashes are not the end of the world, but rather, an opportunity to invest in quality companies and quality business while they’re on sale.

BONUS #4: Portfolio Risk Assesment Analyzer

This is a quick and easy to follow assessment I designed to not only help you truly determine your risk tolerance but to also help you make sure your investments align with your risk tolerance.

Understanding your personal risk tolerance is not only one of the biggest factors to determining what you invest in, but it’s also instrumental in helping you discover your recommended portfolio type and its breakdown.

Based on your answers to the assessment, and your overall assessment score, the analyzer is going to give you a personalized recommendation on what percentage of your portfolio you may want to consider investing in US stocks, international stocks, ETFs, and bonds.


BONUS #5: Stock Market Mastery Vault

When you join this month, I’m also going to be including access to my best bonus of all, and that is my Stock Market Mastery Vault.

This is an advanced set of modules diving deeper into how to analyze quality stocks to invest in through both fundamental and technical analysis. You can think of fundamental analysis as the cornerstone to determining what stocks buy, and you can think of technical analysis as the cornerstone of knowing when to buy a stock.

You don’t necessarily have to combine both fundamental and technical analysis, but if you do, it can be a very powerful force giving you the best of both worlds.

And while these are advanced modules designed for more hands-on investors, I really did my best to break them down in the same simple and easy-to-follow manner as the rest of the course.

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  • 4-Step Checklist To Picking Quality Stocks 
  • Investing On Autopilot Toolkit
  • Stock Market Crash Survival Guide
  • Risk Assessment Analyzer
  • Stock Market Mastery Vault 


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